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At AEC Legal, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide bespoke legal services to clients across industries and cadres. Through our Online Service Portal, clients are able to conveniently acquire ‘one-off’ legal services with the guarantee of speed, competence and exacting professional standards.


This page serves as a source of information and contains the Terms & Conditions for the use of the AEC Legal online service portal. Users are requested to carefully read and note the Terms and Conditions as stated herein in order to use the services offered via this portal. AEC Legal wholly reserves the rights to regularly update/change/modify the Terms of Engagement for availing our services without any prior notification.
In agreeing to the Terms of Engagement herein, you declare that you have attained the age of majority, are of sound mind, and of valid legal competence to bind and be bound by contract.
While registering, the User should provide appropriate and accurate personal information. Upon completion of the registration process, login credentials of the User will be sent to the User’s registered Email Address. You will be solely responsible for any claims arising from your misuse or fraudulent use of the online service portal.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a client of AEC Legal. In accordance with our Firm’s policy and the standards and ethics of legal practice of law within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we require that all our Clients read and acknowledge the terms of our engagement. Kindly ensure you carefully read through the terms and understand the scope of our engagement.
If the terms are acceptable, please sign the form by clicking ‘I Agree’ below, if you don’t understand or do not wish to proceed please click ‘I Disagree’ below. If you prefer for a member of the AEC Legal team to contact you for further discussions, please click ‘Contact Me’ below. In the alternative, you may choose to contact us for immediate assistance if you do not understand, or you wish to discuss any aspect of the terms of this engagement.


The engagement of AEC Legal to provide legal services as detailed via our online service page is limited to the services listed thereunder. Further or ancillary services may be agreed vide formal correspondence AEC Legal.


AEC Legal will ensure that the requested service(s) are provided in accordance with agreed timeframe as communicated to you, and to a professional standard. In furtherance of the present engagement, you are required to arrange for reasonable access by us to relevant individuals and documents and shall be responsible for both the completeness and accuracy of the information supplied to us.


This engagement will start upon acceptance of the terms of engagement upon clicking in the ‘I Agree’ button below and expire upon due completion of the selected service or at such time as may be subsequently agreed between yourself and AEC Legal.
AEC Legal reserves the right to decline or terminate an engagement for failure to make the requisite payments or if it is of the belief that that the service is being procured for a fraudulent or immoral purpose.


In conducting this engagement, information acquired by AEC Legal during the engagement is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. That information will not be disclosed by us to other parties except as required or allowed for by law, or with your express consent.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, any estimates which we provide to you of our anticipated fees, disbursements and third-party charges for any of the services listed on or online service portal are only indicative of the amounts you can expect to be charged. Estimates are not quotes and are not binding on us.


The fee arrangement is based on the expected amount of time and the skill level of counsel required completing the service(s) required. When fee notes are provided, they will contain details of our charges inclusive of requisite taxes. If circumstances of the services to be provided change from the date of the original fee note, an updated fee (and fee note) will be agreed before any work/further work is undertaken.
Fee notes are valid until the due date detailed on the face of the fee note. Over-due fee notes may need to be revalidated. Kindly contact us for revalidation. In the event that AEC Legal incurs any costs in the recovery of outstanding fees, you agree to indemnify AEC Legal for all such costs.

Terms of trade must be agreed to prior to the provision of service.

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