What We Do

" We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. "

- Aristotle

We undertake and carry out services for public and private companies, government enterprises, local and foreign investors, financial institutions, foreign law firms and International consultancy firms both in Litigation and Corporate Commercial Transactions which includes advising on regulatory framework for establishing businesses in Nigeria.

Corporate Commercial

Our practice areas in Corporate Commercial Services include but not limited to the following banking & financial services, private equity transactions, dispute resolution, telecommunication, intellectual property, energy & natural resources, project finance, real property, taxation and privatization. The firm complements its corporate and commercial legal services with a robust litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice.

Litigation/ Mediation/Alternative Disputes Resolution.

We offer professional advice and resolve business disputes, particularly matters arising out of corporate commercial transactions through Negotiated mediation settlement and where litigation is inevitable ouraggressive, passionate, relentless team of trial lawyers is as comfortable in court as we are in mediation, ready in both arenas to achieve the best result possible. We work closely with owners, executives, officers, and in-house counsel of any company by advising and providing regular updates on the status of their matters.
For complex cases involving multiple claims and parties. We identify the core issues by actively listening to the client. Then we combine legal expertise, client’s input, strategic thinking and devil’s advocacy strategy to arrive at sound professional judgment before employing our litigation and case management technology to meet the client’s objectives thereby efficiently reducing time and cost.
As a result of our experience and timely deliverables we are able to establish ourselves in the businesses of our clients in the following services; financial services, Real Estates, Information and Telecommunications, mortgage brokers, life insurance companies, investment funds, manufacturing companies, Security companies, religious body, Sports and Entertainment.

Our Approach

All competent law firms work hard on behalf of their clients. But we have come to understand that hard work by itself, is not enough. Often, it’s the approach and the value of the outcome that really counts and not just the hard work. However, our target is always to exceed client’s expectations and move beyond relationships by demonstrating a clear understanding of our client’s businesses.
Our business plan focus on creating client satisfaction over the long term, and as such we run an innovative and dynamic ways of delivering client service, this is individual in nature because we consider them to be our partners for professional success not just fee producers.

Value Adds

Because of our passion to see client’s business grow, we have the habit of pioneering the field of “preventive law”, we concentrate on stopping legal issues before they become a problem. We conduct risk management and claims avoidance seminars and advice companies and business groups throughout the country. We conduct “legal audits” that expose potential problems before they cause harm or irreparable damages to client’s business.

Our Core Values

We make the following promises to our clients

  • God consciousness
  • Integrity
  • Exceeding Clients Expectations
  • Going the Extra mile
  • Excellent Service
  • Teamwork

Our Scope of Practice

  • Insolvency Practice
  • Energy and Natural Resources law
  • Real Property and Administration of Estates law
  • Immigration law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Environmental law
  • Communication law
  • Securities and Investment law
  • Company and Commercial Law